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Industry NewsCanada invests $1M in five agri-food innovation projects

Canada invests $1M in five agri-food innovation projects

The federal government is supporting innovation in the agriculture and agri-food sector by funding five projects with up to $1 million.

The five projects receive funding from the government’s Innovative Solutions Canada program Challenge Stream. They will target the Canadian meat processing and controlled environment agriculture industries, aiming to advance automation and robotic technologies.

“Innovation is vital to address the challenges faced by producers and processors, such as labor shortages and improving conditions in greenhouses and slaughterhouses. Our government supports these efforts through Innovative Solutions Canada, assisting small and medium-sized Canadian businesses in developing new inventions that are crucial for the sector. I am proud of these advancements that support our food processors and farmers, highlighting the importance and essence of their work,” says Élisabeth Brière, member of parliament in Sherbrooke (Quebec).

Under the Canadian Meat Processing Technology Development Challenge, projects include:

  • Exonetik Inc. — Developing a low-cost, collaborative robot to help automate tasks
  • E.O.I Technologies Inc. — Developing sensors to collect data on fast-moving conveyor systems

Under the Enhancing Automation in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Farming Challenge, projects include:

  • Exonetik Inc. — Developing a robotic arm to work alongside humans to harvest fruits and vegetables
  • Mycionics Inc. — Developing a robotic mushroom harvester, packer and harvester lift
  • Kinova Inc. — Developing a robotic arm to pick, harvest and de-leaf cucumbers and strawberries

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