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Industry NewsCanadian Beverage Association launches first-ever plastic recycling video campaign

Canadian Beverage Association launches first-ever plastic recycling video campaign


The Canadian Beverage Association wants Canadians to recycle their plastic bottles and is launching its first-ever video campaign to encourage people to recycle their plastic beverage bottles.

“Made to be Remade” series features four 15-second videos that show consumers that plastic beverage bottles are the most recycled plastic in the plastic value chain and by just placing them in a recycling bin versus the garbage will allow these bottles to be remade over and over again.

As part of its campaign, the Canadian Beverage Association says that its members use polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for all plastic beverage bottles, a valuable, highly-recyclable plastic material. Recovered PET is recycled into several new products and packaging – which reduces the need for raw materials, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and supports jobs and growth in the circular economy. It also states that the industry was instrumental in starting Canada’s first-ever Blue Box program in Ontario and brought beverage companies together to launch Manitoba’s successful Recycle Everywhere program to increase public space recycling throughout the province. 

The association says that  PET is a valuable plastic resource that helps fund recycling programs across Canada and that there is not enough recovered PET to meet market demand.

“With a national beverage bottle recycling rate of approximately 75%, and an overall national plastic recycling rate of only 11%, the beverage industry is a demonstrated leader in Canadian recycling,” states Julia Casin, director of communications and public affairs for the Canadian Beverage Association.

Watch the videos.

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