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Industry NewsCPMA welcomes announcement of Canadian Supply Chain Task Force

CPMA welcomes announcement of Canadian Supply Chain Task Force


The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) is supporting the Government of Canada’s plan to create a new Supply Chain Task Force that will consult with industry and make recommendations on short and long-term actions to mitigate the impact of ongoing supply chain disruptions.

Since fall 2021, CPMA has been working with industry partners to call for the creation of a Joint Industry Government Task Force to address the significant impacts of supply chain disruptions, as outlined in a December letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and members of cabinet.

“Substantial increases in costs and delays along the supply chain threaten our food security and long-term economic viability, and will result in rising food costs for Canadians,” said CPMA president Ron Lemaire. “CPMA was pleased to attend today’s National Supply Chain Summit and to see the Government of Canada move forward with the creation of the Supply Chain Task Force.”

In November, CPMA and other organizations from across the North American produce industry released a joint statement detailing ongoing supply chain disruptions facing the sector, including crippling port congestion, delays and exploding costs in container shipping, cascading effects of inconsistent product delivery, continuing labour shortages, growing input shortages and stockpiling of consumer products. Earlier this month, CPMA’s North American Trade Working Group released a Supply Chain Solutions proposal, which outlined several potential areas of government action. “The multi-faceted and interconnected challenges we face do not fall within the purview of any individual Canadian minister or department,” said Lemaire. “It is imperative that the new Supply Chain Task Force brings together government departments and stakeholders to address ongoing supply chain disruptions in the short-term and support supply chain resiliency in the long-term. We look forward to continuing to work with the government to ensure the specific needs of the perishable fresh produce sector are taken into consideration.”

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