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Farm Boy open letter to customers amid coronavirus pandemic


Like most grocery retailers, Farm Boy is taking steps to supports its frontline workers and customers. In an open letter to customers, Co-CEOs Jeff York and Jean-Louis Bellmare, outline measures the chain is taking to address COVID-19 concerns.

“All 31 of our Farm Boy stores remain open to help provide food to you and your families while we work to protect ourselves and our communities. We are exceptionally proud of our staff, who are working tirelessly to make this possible. While the rest of Canada and much of the world is staying home, they are filling our stores and serving our customers. Our team always works hard, but now they are being called to provide a level of customer service above and beyond what we ever imagined we would have to ask them, and for that we owe them an enormous thank you.”

Farm Boy is temporarily reducing operating hours so employees have time to sanitize and stock store shelves. The grocer has added night shifts to take care of afterhours stocking. 

Some other key measures it is taking at its stores:

  • dedicating the first hour to vulnerable people including seniors, people with existing health conditions and pregnant women
  • sanitizing carts and baskets
  • accepting bottle returns but asking customers to place them in dedicated spaces themselves behind the cashes
  • have installed cashier shields at all of its stores and identified social distancing lines at each cashier
  • encouraging shoppers to forgo cash payments and opt for contactless payment when possible
  • eliminating the use of reusable cups and mugs and discouraging customers from bringing in and using reusable bags
  • closed all of its hot bars, salad bars and olive bars and suspending full service meat and seafood counters

“We know that these are significant changes, and recognize that, for the time being, the Farm Boy experience will be a little different than usual. We may have to make adjustments to these existing measures. We may have to add more. Rest assured that we will continue to keep you up to date, and do what we need to do to keep our stores open and running smoothly, to keep your cupboards stocked, and to keep our team and customers safe.”



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