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Frozen Foods Forecast

Frozen foods are undergoing a transformation to meet consumers’ increasingly diverse tastes and desire for creative, convenient, healthy meal options

Data provided by NIQ

Global Outlook*

Market Size 2023: $339.54 Billion

Market Size 2028: $431.90 Billion

= 4.93% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)

*Mordor Intelligence Frozen Food Market report

Reasons Canadians purchase frozen foods*

Easy to prepare                                31%

Want something tasty                      29%

Satisfies a craving                            27%

Satisfies hunger                               27%

Can be eaten quickly                       23%

Good value for money                     22%

*, Jan 26, 2023 survey

Frozen Food Spotlight: Chicken Wings

An April 2023 Caddle survey of Canadian consumer purchasing patterns and preferences

When was the last time you purchased frozen boxed wings?

Within the last 3 months                 29%

4 to 6 months                                    15%

7 to 12 months                                    9%

Never purchased                             28%

29% of consumers don’t have a preferred brand

41% purchase whatever is on sale

35% purchase a specific flavour

27% purchase brands they trust

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