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Industry NewsCanada announces more support for fruit and vegetable growers

Canada announces more support for fruit and vegetable growers

christo_anestev_from_pixabay-3077044Christo Anestev from Pixabay

The Government of Canada has announced new support for fruit and vegetable growers in the country. The support totalling $387,000 includes examination of financial tools and insurance products that will provide growers with more stability.

The support through the Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food is the latest in a series of initiatives the Federal government has implemented to support Canada’s produce growing sector.

The new support includes:

  • $123, 269 for the Canadian Horticultural Council to research and conduct a risk assessment of the Ontario horticulture sector to support future development of a “whole-farm produce-paid top-up” insurance product for horticulture producers.
  • $225,000 for Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers to develop a risk management financial product for disease and insect infestations for greenhouses, which will be done on the basis of data modeling, frequency events and by consulting insurers.
  • $38,660 for the Quebec Producer Growers Association (Association des producteurs maraichers du Québec) to develop a tool for growers to assess their vulnerability and take the necessary actions to increase their resilience to climate change.

“The creation of the Surplus Food Rescue Program by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada provided a life-line to food insecure Canadians and producers, ranchers, and fishers who, as a result of the pandemic, suddenly found themselves with fresh food that they could not get to market,” says Ron Lemaire, president of The Canadian Produce Marketing Association, who adds that CPMA “applauds the leadership and quick response of AAFC and is proud to be a partner in delivering this program to ensure Canadians have fresh, nutritious Canadian food on their tables and the agri-food industry can contribute to food security in Canada while maintaining the ongoing viability of their businesses.”  

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