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Sour Power

Next-level sour with stand-out flavours and ingredients like tigre de leche (tiger’s milk marinade), calamansi, sour orange and plum.


Tamarind has a highly acidic, tangy-sweet flavour and is used in North African, Indian, Thai, and Filipino cuisines. However, pod-like fruit (indigenous to Africa) is now feeding a global curiosity for what’s next in food, drink, and flavour, and popping up in Mexican, Peruvian and Japanese cuisines. McCormick has introduced a new seasoning blend – Tamarind and Pasilla Chile – a tangy, Mexican-inspired blend that pairs tamarind flavour with the mild heat of pascilla chiles and savoury notes of paprika, coriander and onion.

Bold & Smokey

A sweet and spicy flavour profile, food experts predict this flavour will emerge in combinations like sweet and bitter, sour and umami, and spicy and sour, with bold being the main focus.

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Personalization is on the Rise

Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to personalize their food. This is leading to a few changes to the meat department. There has been a renewed growth of in-store butcher shops, where customers can have their meat cut to their specifications. Retailers are offering online ordering and delivery services, which allow customers to customize their meat orders. 

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Softening Demand for Plant-Based Meat

The pressure of inflation has spurred a decline in sales, and retailers have begun to limit offerings of plantbased meats and focus more on core meat products.

Growth of Value and Private Label

While there is some inflationary relief, increased prices are still an issue for many shoppers and they continue to seek savings from their meat purchase. To compete, many meat brands are leaning into promotional offers to drive demand and volume, but it won’t be enough moving forward; they’ll need to optimize pricing and promotion strategies to better compete in grocery.

More Interest in Ethnic Meat

A growing culturally diverse market means consumers are seeking out meats from different cultures, so retailers need to respond by expanding meat offerings with new creations and adaption of existing products.

A Need for Convenience

Another growing trend among consumers is that they are looking for ways to save time and make meal prep easier. This is leading to increased demand for pre-cut meats and pre-marinated meats. Retailers are responding to this trend by offering a wider variety of pre-prepared meats. These may be private label offerings through the retailers themselves or branded products.

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