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Industry NewsFood for thought: Cell-based fish balls for popular Asian dishes

Food for thought: Cell-based fish balls for popular Asian dishes


Cult Food Science portfolio company Umami Meats has produced the world’s first cultivated fish ball laksa (a spicy noodle dish popular in Southeast Asia). Umami is a cellular agriculture start-up company that works to develop sustainable alternatives for traditional fish production.

The cell-based fish balls created by the Umami team are made from cultivated fish. Then, they are supplemented with plant proteins to give them a similar taste and texture to that of traditional fish balls. 

According to Cult Food Science, heavy industrial fishing, a rapidly growing population, and climate change have resulted in the overuse and depletion of fish availability as well as global food insecurity. The venture has developed a proprietary, non-GMO process for producing fish muscle, fat, and connective tissue from a single stem cell. It is actively developing the technology that will enable production of cultivated seafood products for a range of the world’s most vulnerable fish species.

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