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Industry NewsGeneral Mills makes substantial commitment to advancing regenerative agriculture

General Mills makes substantial commitment to advancing regenerative agriculture


General Mills has donated $260,000 to the University of Manitoba to establish long-term crop rotation and cover crop research trials throughout the Canadian Prairies and to conduct a five-year study on the effects of cover crops on greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural soils as part of its commitment to advance regenerative agriculture on 1 million acres of farmland by 2030. To drive growth and increase resilience, the company has pledged to use its scale to start regenerating it.

To make a meaningful difference through regenerative agriculture, which General Mills defines “as holistic, principles-based approach to farming and ranching that seeks to strengthen ecosystems and community resilience,” its approach to regenerate agriculture seeks improvements in the following ways: Measuring Outcomes, Farmer Economic Resilience, Soil Health, Water, Biodiversity, Cow and Herd Well-Being; beginning with pilot programs through a partnership with Understanding Ag to activate pilots across three of general Mills’ priority ingredient regions—the Northern Plains of North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Manitoba; the Southern Plains of Kansas; and Michigan. 

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