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Industry NewsGrocery retail trends and predictions explored at RCC STORE 21

Grocery retail trends and predictions explored at RCC STORE 21


Even before the pandemic, consumer behaviour was shifting towards e-commerce. But when stores were forced to limit in-person shopping, online ordering and curbside pickup became a lifeline for consumers needing essential goods.  This was especially true for consumers when buying groceries. 

Seamless omnichannel experiences in grocery have never been more important. How retailers are leveraging the newest learnings to continue to engage grocery consumers will be some of the timely topics explored at this year’s RCC STORE Conference on September 13-16, 2021. 

Among the many world-renowned retail experts speaking at this year’s STORE conference, Dan Howe, president of More Rewards at Save-On-Foods, along with a panel of other retailers – will examine the true value of personalization, and how grocery retailers can identify and tap into the most critical consumer insights to enhance loyalty, grow sales, and create the new opportunities customers crave.

With a growing number of ways consumers can connect with retailers and complete purchases, grocery retailers have an ever-increasing arsenal of data points to further strengthen future omnichannel experiences.   

At RCC STORE, Steve Bours from ReShift Media will cover exactly how to tap into this information and adjust your e-commerce approach. ReShift will also discuss transformational ideas around mobile commerce, first-party data, search optimization, and user-centric online sales.

As the grocery business transcends boundaries and develops more nuanced targeting capabilities, it is important to keep in mind the values and practices that drive customers to align with and stay loyal to a brand. Food and grocery retailers will go beyond highlighting their food quality excellence to offer more fulsome experiences as lifestyle brands.

Joel Gregoire and Carol Wong-Li from Mintel join RCC STORE 2021 to discuss practical strategies for food and beverage retailers to increase their relevance with customers amid a retail landscape where perceptions of value are changing rapidly.

Retailers are also using technology to support the personalized experiences that drive loyalty; personalized assistance, recommended recipes, and cooking classes that explore new products help consumers get the most out of their online purchases. With a wide range of local and international choices available, creating an educational experience can help customers discover more products and inspire them to keep coming back.

Learn more about the future of grocery retail at RCC STORE, a fully virtual event held September 13-16, 2021.

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