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Industry NewsHeinz ketchup rewarding people stuck in traffic

Heinz ketchup rewarding people stuck in traffic


Heinz Ketchup, known for its slow pour, has partnered with Waze and Burger King to give people stuck in traffic a free Heinz ketchup and Impossible Whopper.

Anyone going the same speed as the slow pour ketchup, 0.045km per hour, may be rewarded from June 3 to July 4.

Summer traffic is expected to be worse this year with borders closed.

“Surprisingly, many people don’t know that Heinz pours out of our glass bottle at 0.045 kilometers per hour. And with more Canadians potentially on the road this summer whether within their own cities or for weekend getaways, traffic is going to a pain point we all may need to get used to again. We want to help our fans see that going slow isn’t always a bad thing and reward them with the delicious, iconically slow-pouring Heinz Ketchup for those terrible traffic jams,” says Daniel Gotlib, associate director, brand building & innovation, Kraft Heinz Canada. “We are thrilled to team up with Waze and Burger King to bring Canadians the meal synonymous with summer, and after sitting in weekend traffic, we know there is nothing more satisfying than a delicious burger with Heinz Ketchup.”

Canadians can participate by downloading Waze for a chance to win.

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