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Industry NewsHow M&M is prioritizing employee wellbeing

How M&M is prioritizing employee wellbeing


M&M Food Market has seen signs that the stress of the pandemic is impacting its employees.

Pegi Klein Webber, vice president of people at M&M, is dedicating a hotline for employees to call for help or need a listening ear as part of the new Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The program also includes an online platform to address the four pillars of wellbeing: physical, mental, social and financial. The platform has assessments, virtual fitness classes, mental health learning and more.

Webber says the platform also has employee engagement through a news feed, where information is shared and team members can recognize each other with badges, participate in team challenges and collect rewards.

Webber says that at the beginning of the pandemic, the priority was employee safety, PPE and safety measures. “After a year of lockdowns, we felt there was an additional need to support our teams. We’re not able to be together at work and to support each other in person, and we know it’s a challenge. There’s never been a more important time than now to address employee wellbeing.”

Right now, the EAP is only available to head office employees.

Webber says the hope is that employees feel good about their contributions and feel supported.

“We’ve seen signs that some people are silently struggling with the stress of the pandemic, and how it has impacted their work and personal lives. Our hope is that by rolling out the EAP, every M&M Food Market team member gets the care and support they need immediately,” says Webber.

Webber says many companies have prioritized employee wellbeing during the pandemic. “The pandemic has created many challenges, it has also been a catalyst for rethinking workplace practices to better support employees, creating a better workplace long after COVID-19 is behind us.”

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