Michael McCain - Maple Leaf Foods with Paul Higgins - Mother Parkers and Richard Lan - Maple Leaf Food-retired Vince Scorniaenchi - Fortinos with Paul Higgins - Mother Parkers and Jim Slomka - Clorox Canada Anthony Longo - Longo Bros with John Scott - Scott Management and George Condon - Golden Pencil recipient Chris Cockle and Michael Catalano - The Wonderful Company Dan Lafrance - Kraft Heinz Foods and Roger Eacock - Sobeys Dave Chapman - Burnbrae Farms and Matt Blixt - Kruger Don Williams and Hal Campbell, Wm. Dunne & Associates Ltd. Francesca Renda and Patrick Pelliccione - JK Overweel Frank Rispoli - Nestle Purina with Les Mann - Golden Pencil recipient Glen Murphy formerly of Shoppers Drug Mart and Mary Dalimonte - Sobeys with Vince Scorniaenchi - Fortinos and Joe Jackman - Jackman Reinvention Golden Pencil recipients applaud Vince Scorniaenchi Grant Burke - Sobeys with Galen Shaw - Parmalat and Chris Powell - Tree of Life Joe Weber - Saputo with Steve Fox - Nestle and Ward Hanlon - CFIG Kevin Smith - Grocery Business with Jim Slomka - Clorox Carmen Fortino - Metro and Karen James - Grocery Business Margaret Hudson - Burnbrae Farms with Ali Davies - Kraft Heinz and Stacey Kravitz - UNFI Mike Lovsin - Freson Bros and Frank Coleman - Group of Companies Nancy Carroll and James Cleary - Clorox Canada Past Golden Pencil recipients Past Golden Pencil recipients Past Golden Pencil recipients Serge Boulanger - Metro Inc. with Jean Gattuso - A Lassonde and Golden Pencil recipient Stephen Kouri - Smuckers and Michelle Scott - The Grocery Foundation Steve Turner - Kruger Inc Tim Penner - Golden Pencil recipient Todd Fisher - Kimberly-Clark with Mahesh Pohoomull - Thomas Large and Singer Todd Kelly - Kind Snacks and Scott Lorimer - Maple Leaf Foods Tom Barlow - CFIG and Jacquelynn Moody - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Vince Scorniaenchi and Michael McCain - 2016 Golden Pencil recipients

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