Ace Bakery's Sophia Rouleau and Ed Metzger with the new Ace Bakery Baguette Bagels Aline Olsen and Mahdi Hachana - Fountain of Health Chef Denis Fortin and Jacques Pascal - Premiere Moison Crystal Kunnmann, Sabine's Collections Dobla's Gary Morris with new chocolate  innovationsEarth's Own Rex Sheehy Fancy Pokket's Mike Timani and Joelle LeBlancHandi Foods' Sameh Jaafar Jacques Bissonnette and Michel Paradis Jr. - Olymel Jan K. Overweel's Art and Edana Pelliccione Jennifer Ford of Snowdonia Cheese, with Ron Sadler and Adrian Hurrell - Coombe Castle Julie Otero, Jaime Galaviz and Erin Raine - Expresco Foods Kathy Halpin and Tom Tan, Give-and-Go Kii Naturals' Jillian Pyper and John Ghislain La Rocca Cakes' Mariano Aguilar, Kristen Boehm, Phillipe Gaudet and Mark Williamson Matthew Kaplan with Montour Melanie Brunet and Gio Calarco - La Petite Bretonne MIchel Forget, Richardson Oilseed Limited Mike Sullivan and Frank Wright, Dare's Lesley Stowe's Raincoast Crisps‪ Nana's Kitchen=' Don Smerch, Sart Mawani and Nawaz Mawani Nustef Baking's Rory Lesperance, John Flanagan and Robert Cappola Summerfresh's Frank Kamberaj with new Snack'n Go  Susan Goldie, Teri Puccini-Staley and Fletcher Johnson of Derlea Brand Foods Sydney and Tom Mattes, Del's Pastry Sylvia and Peter Day with Dimpflmeier Bakery's new Carb Smart Bread Tom and Deborah Payne, U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council Upper Crust Limited's Victoria Leeds, Ciara Mazurek, Tim Barth and Daniel Landau Upper Crust Limited's Victoria Leeds, Ciara Mazurek, Tim Barth and Daniel Landau  Weston Foods' Jason Toledano and Ed Holik Zakir Mashadi and Danish Kizilbash, Crispy Just Baked Zinetti's Chef Roger La Rochelle and Maurizio Zinetti

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