Opening the Trade Show Floor Alison George, Peanut Bureau of Canada with Stephanie Grunenfelder, American Peanut Council Brad Brownsey, Florida Tomatoes Brian Faulkner, BC Fresh, the key contact for next year's show in Vancouver Castle Rock Vineyard's Laura Berryessa and Steven Shearer Chris Cockle, The Wonderful Company Dan Bordun, Grocery Business with Hall of Famer Wendel Clark Dave Powell and Brad Walsh, Atlantic Grocery Distributors Denis Gendron, United Grocers Inc Emily Murracas with Mucci Award Winning Veggie to Go Packs Joan Wickham with Sunkist's Ojai Pixie Tangerines Joe Atchison and Tom Beaver, New Jersey Department of Agriculture John Newell and Ryan Cherry with new Windsets new Trio Snack Pack Kathy Stephenson with Prentice Dent, Amanda Bramall, Dennis Kihlstadius and Bob Koehler, USA Pears 2Kevin Hayes, UGI Canada Lakeside Produce's Joe D'Angelo and Dean Scott Lori Burns with Jim Waites, Brad Olsen, Michael Reisig and Rick Cook, Overwaitea Food Group Marissa Ritter, Jaqueline Padilla and Fernando Aguiar of Naturipe Farms Michael Sousa and Ben Alviano with Mann's Award Winning Nourish Bowls Michele McMillan, Sobeys OPMA's Dee Klemann, Emilia DeSousa, Fallon Streef, Virginia Zimm and Jeffrey Honey PECO Pallet's Spero Moukas and Lisa Vegso ick Alcocer of Duda Farm Fresh Foods and CPMA Incoming Chair Ron Lemaire and Sam Silvestro, CPMA with Michele McMillan, Sobeys Inc. Samantha Hryniuik, AMCO Produce Scott Pickup with Apios Award winning Salad Shake Ups Spero Moukas and Tara MacNeil, PECO Pallet Steve Cowan and Emily Murracas with Mucci's new Cherto Tomatoes Todd Watson, A.G. Brown VersaCold's Ian Sinclair, Peter Lal, Tyler Gore and David Bruce Wendell Clark, former Maple Leaf with Maria Proulx, Grocery Business 

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