Food Executives Club of Vancouver (FECOV) held its January speaker series event with Noel Hayward from Quality Foods on January 20, 2023. 

FECOV Jan6Left to right: Tony and Wayne Llewellyn of Snow Cap FECOV Jan8Left to right: Bob McKeachie and Noel Hayward of Quality Foods, Cindy McGowan of Lassonde, and Justin Schley of Quality FoodsFECOV Jan9From left to right: Noel Hayward, Bob McKeachie, and Justin Schley of Quality FoodsFECOV Jan10Food Executives Club of Vancouver (FECOV) FECOV Jan 1Left to right: Scott Miller of Market Ready, Kerry Somerset-Williams of Somerset-Williams Business Development, Paul Kleinschmidt of Yeshi FECOV Jan 2Left to right: Darryl Moore, Venessa Latek, Jurand Latek, and Matthew Latek of Terra International Foods; Russ McKinley and Jordy Procyk of AWPFECOV Jan 3Left to right: Tony Hartzenberg of Sugarplum Desserts, Al Ibsen of ABC Sales FECOV Jan 4Left to right: Kate Bousfield of KostKlip, Candice May of BCLC FECOV Jan 5Left to right: Scott Miller of Market Ready, Kurt McKenzie of Star Marketing, Julie Therrien of Biscuits LeClerc, Justin Waites of Star Marketing FECOV Jan 7Kurt McKenzie of Star Marketing

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