The Food, Health & Consumer products of Canada held its sales and marketing symposium and Grocery Business was there. 


 1. Todd Johnston Lactalis Errol Cerit FHCP and Jim SlomkaTodd Johnston of Lactalis Errol Cerit of FHCP and Jim Slomka of Grocery Business

2. Brad Culbert High Liner Foods and Jim Slomka crop JimBrad Culbert of High Liner Foods

IMG 5902Jill Payne (Energy Management), Pam Kellogg (High Liner), Joanna Goncalves (Boyden)

3. David Nagy Dino Koundoutsikos Dr. Oetker crop JimDavid Nagy and Dino Koundoutsikos of Dr. Oetker

4. FHCP 1Errol Cerit, Josephine Pham and Joanne Capano from Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada (FHCP)

5. Carman Allison Nielsen IQ and Jim SlomkaCarman Allison of Nielsen IQ and Jim Slomka of Grocery Business

6.Team McCormick jpgTeam McCormick

7. Jim Slomka and Dr. Sylvain Charlebois Agri Food Analytics Lab Dalhousie University jpgJim Slomka and Sylvain Charlebois of Agri Food Analytics Lab Dalhousie University

8. Michael Graydon FHCP Steve Williams McCormick and Jim Slomka crop JimMichael Graydon of FHCP, Steve Williams of McCormick

9Michael Villeneuve and Marc-Andre Chauvette of Newtown Enterprises Ltd.

10. Brad Lampkin Abbott Laboratories and Jim Slomka crop JimBrad Lampkin of Abbott Laboratories

IMG 5901Left to right: Pam Kellogg (High Liner) and Joanna Goncalves (Boyden)

11. Dany Aboukhald and Bernhard Wessels Total Negotiation GroupDany Aboukhald and Bernhard Wessels of Total Negotiation Group

12. Erin Rooney McCormick and Jim Slomka jpgJim Slomka and Erin Rooney of McCormick

13. Jill Payne Energy Management Expert and Jim Slomka crop JimJill Payne of Energy Management Expert

Peter MattsonPeter Mattson, Consultant and Lynne Gallacher of Horn

Matt HallMatt Hall of Jack Links

14. John Adams IQVIA and Jim Slomka crop JimJohn Adams of IQVIA

15. Niana Reid Spar and Jim Slomka crop JimNiana Reid of Spar

16. Susan Butten and Ron Dunlop C.B. Powell with Jim Slomka centrejpgSusan Butten and Ron Dunlop C.B. Powell with Jim Slomka

IMG 5892Left to right: Francesca Mammotili, Laura Burnett, Susan Irving, Ryan Scanzano, Kristina Cardamone, Rob Mattacott, and Cindy Tremblay of Kruger Products

Wendy Bakery, FHCPWendy Baker, FHCP

Errol Cerit FHCP Jim Slomka Henry Evans Twinings North America Errol Cerit FHCP, Jim Slomka, and Henry Evans of Twinings North America

FHCP 3Errol Cerit from FHCP with Robin Poulain of Kind Snacks

FHCP 4Melanie Morrison of BetterCart Analytics with Sylvain Charlebois of Dalhousie University.

Photo Jun 14 9 05 55 AMJill Payne (Energy Management)

Photo Jun 14 9 51 29 AMSylvain Charlebois (Dalhousie University)

IMG 5910David Carlsey (Google)

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