Alex Bazhanov - Parmalat Canada Blair Ruelens - Pepsi Canada and Darryl Rowe - McCain Canada Carrie Gervais with Jenny Brine and Patricia Ridge - Constellation Brands Domenic Calce and Domenic Duronio - Metro Inc. with Maria Proulx of Grocery Busiiness Don Knickerbocker - Amerlux Giancarlo Trimarchi - Vinces Market Harry Watson - Triple 4 with Marc Fortin - DCI Kevin Smith - Grocery Business with Chris Powell - Tree of Life Kim Allison and Dan Lafrance - Kraft Heinz Mario Corrente and Alex Lappano - Aurora Importing with Maria Proulx - Grocery Business Michelle Schmidt and Maruice Bianchi - Organic Meadow Mike Lovsin - Freeson Markets and Francois Bouchard - DCI Board Patrick Higgins and John Cohn - Natural Specialty Sales Rina Virgilio - Concord Foods  Serving up delicious Baci chocolates Shannon Forner - Valu-Plus Foods Steve Turner at the Kruger booth Team Mondelez Vince Mendes De Franca and Marc Lynch - Conagra Foods 

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