Grocery & Specialty Food West 2023 is taking place this week in Vancouver and Grocery Business is there! This is part one of our gallery and part two will be published following the conclusion of the show.  

IMG 3454Troy Dewinetz, Dan Bregg, Pattison Food Group; Brody Powell, Associated Grocers
IMG 3444Brenda Kirk, Pattison Food Group and Chris Powell, retired, Tree of LifeIMG 3445Michel Dépatie, Metro Plus Dépatie and Francois Bouchard, GS1 CanadaIMG 3449Jason Vesely, Kiana Hein and Curtis Vesely, Westlock Sobeys
IMG 3459Brian Bradley, Stong’s Markets; Peter Mattson, Burnbrae Farms; Lance Holst, A. Lassonde

IMG 0732Erin Rooney and Traci Wildish, McCormick CanadaIMG 3463Greg Coles, Nestlé Canada; Rick Rabba, Rabba Fine Foods; David Blackmore, P&GIMG 3465Justine Seah, Khalil Khamis and Adam Kennedy, Crafty Ramen MarketIMG 3471Tom Shurrie, Joe Sawaged, CFIGIMG 3474Justin Schley, Quality Foods and Ken Schley, retired from Quality Foodsjim 1Chris Powell, Tree of Life (retired), Errol Cerit (FHCP), Mary Scianna, Grocery Business Magazine, Peter Mattson, Burnbrae Farms, Jim Slomka, Grocery Business Magazine, Steve Fox, Nestle (retired) and John Tobin (Maple Leaf Foods)Jim 2Marc Valois, Principal, Intersol (Facilitator, The Grocery Code of Conduct)Jim 3Giancarlo Trimarchi, Vince’s Market, Diane Brisebois, Retail Council of Canada and Michael Graydon, FHCPJim 4Don Fitzgerald, Dom’s Kitchen & Market, Neil Stern, Goodfood Holdings and Amanda Lai, McMillan Doolittle Jim 5Tom Shurrie, CFIGJim 6Tony Chapman, Chatter that Matters Jim 7Ken Wong, Professor, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University
Team UpfieldDan Costello, Mandy Au, Meryem Leyoussi, Sebastian Albella of Team Upfield

Team Arneg Ray Nutley, Stuart Feere, Marc Pinsonneault, Henry Friedmann of Team Arneg

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