Ahmed Mutaher and Paul Hetherington - Baking Association of Canada Brandon Galloway and Mary Vorderer - IML Containers Carol Peck with the new Half Panini Cinnamon Swirl Brioche - Backerhaus Veit Debbie Sommer - fgf brands Eric-Pelliccione and Jan K - Overweel Limited Ernie Williams - Lakeview Farms Fady Hayek and Jeff Novinger - PBF Pita Bread Factory Galen Shaw - Parmalat Canada and Tom Gunter - Upper Crust Gary Luisser - Stonemill Bakehouse Jay Mian and Lloyd Watt - Richardson Oilseed Limited John Flanagan - NuStef Foods Limited Peter Scopu and Mary McPherson - Gumperts Ron Sadler Janis Grover Chris Swire Adrian Hurrell and Cass Sloane at the Atlanta Corporation exhibit featuring Colliers and Coombe Castle Cheese Sameh Jaafar and John Younes - Handi Foods Ltd Sarfaraz Mawani - Nanas Kitchen Sudi Barre - Hooyas Foods Tom Mattes and Sydney Mattes - Del Pastry Ltd Tom Tan - Give and Go Prepared Foods - Prime Pastries Division 

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