Natural Products Expo West 2023 took place March 7th to 11th in Anaheim, Calif. and Grocery Business was there. The show saw 3,800+ exhibitors and reportedly 65,000+ attendees. 

1 Expo West Main picNatural Products Expo West 2023, Canadian suppliers

Expo West 31Leslie Ewing, Plant-Based Foods of Canada, Charles Buhagiar, Metro Inc. and Kathy Banks, Indigo Natural Products Management

Jim 5Team Jamieson Wellness

Jim 15Team UNFI Canada

Jim 10Jon Cohn, Propel Natural Brands, Brandon Joel, Flow Water, Patrick Higgins Propel Natural Brands and Tim Dwyer, Flow Water

Expo West 18Jeremy Maingot (left), Serene Martin and Henry Vandenhoogen of Tree of Life

Expo West 21Karen Thompson, John Kapralos, and Khalifa Larrier-John of Glee Gum, with Kostas Kapralos of Lassonde

Expo West 16Margaret Coons, Nuts for Cheese (left), Karen Danudjaja, Blume Supply

Expo West 17Aleks Djurdjevic (left) and Tom Michaelis, Advantage Solutions

Expo West 3Deb Atwood (left) and Melodie Farina of Dare Foods

Expo West 6Simon Lam, Catherine Wong, and Christopher Merry of Say When Beverages, with Nancy Anderson, Jimmy Vaid, Carlye Towne, and Gary Davis of iLevel Management

 Expo West 8Trent Russell, Naturally Home Grown Foods (Hardbite)

Expo West 4Brian Jackson of CPG Brand Management (centre) with Rabba Fine Foods’ Lou Di Carlo (left) and Frank Nweisser.

Dan1Scott Guthrie, Virgo Investment Group (left), Sharon Rice, Janel Matheson, and Peter Neal, JONNLUCA NEALExpo West 1Expo West signageExpo West 2Thomas Large and Singer team: Alex Olivieri (left), Giulia Oppedisano, Elnaz Moghadamian, David Singer, and Mahesh PohoomullExpo West 5Linda Seiler and Nathan Greenley of Galerie au ChocolatExpo West 7Steven Singer, Fody FoodExpo West 9Andrea Pablo, Deborah Lucas and Stephanie Nairn of Earth to Kids (Chickapea)Expo West 10Ralph Chauvvin, Theobroma ChocolatierExpo West 11Peppino and Franco Christiano (left) Alessia Vella, and Matthew Bordonaro, Marina Del Rey Foods (Frankie’s Organic Foods)Expo West 12Matthew Ratuski, Floating Leaf Fine FoodsExpo West 13Madi Serpico Whalen (left), Paul Doherty, Simon Donato, and Rose Serpico, Stoked OatsExpo West 14Sheila Farah, Brandseed Marketing, and Mark Klarich, AcetumExpo West 15Lyndsay McAlpine, Alpine Global Management, and Brian Jackson, CPG Brand Management
Expo West 19Shashank Gaur, Christie Hartman, Eddie Rick and Heba Mahmoud of ElmhurstExpo West 20Skyler Mullings (left), Paley Capachi and Lars Petersen of Youngstown in the grey shirts, with Steve Boule and Silvana Tsanis of National BrandsExpo West 22Jennifer Davis, Kyle, Dakota and Derek Marsham of Marsham International Food BrokersExpo West 23Chrys Fromelius of Sovos Brands with Gilles St-Aubin (left) and Fulvio Bussandri of I-D FoodsExpo West 24Alison O’Donnell, ZeviaExpo West 25Trent Otto, La Preferida (left) with Jimmy Vaid, iLevel ManagementExpo West 26Gerry Moroso and Jodie Douglas, Silver Hills Sprouted BakeryExpo West 27Kory Ahmad, PaperChefExpo West 28Luke Brocki and Mellisa Mills, Spread Em KitchenExpo West 29Bob Giftochristos (left) and Farhad Shayesteh, Tootsi ImpexExpo West 30Patrick Murphy, Plenty and Grace
Jim 2Matt and Kim LeBeau, LeBeau Excel Sales & MarketingJim 3Jake Karls, Mid Day SquaresJim 4Margaret Coons and the Nuts for Cheese TeamJim 6Future Farms; Top: Tiago Bonchristiano; Alexandre Ruberti; Michelle Mouser; Stan Atannasov and Kim Noakes. Bottom: Mafe Oba, Marcos Leta, Mari Tunis and Chef Dennis SamalaJim 7Team Lundberg & Marsham; Lance Luegers, Peter Erdelsky, Bryce Lundberg, Derek Marsham, Brita Lundberg & Jill LundbergJim 9Peter Neal, Jonluca Neal, Shelby Taylor, Chickpea and Patrick Higgins, Propel Natural BrandsJim 11Team Fody Food Co.Jim 12Team Righteous; front row; Todd Kelly and James Boettcher,back row; Marilyn Way, Justin Goodmanson and Brittany BackJim 13Expo West floorJIm 16Team Clearly Canadian Jim 17Eric Rankin, Bro DoughJim 18Mike Fata and Rachel Doll, Tetra PakJim 19Nick Canam and Ryan Albright, Covered BridgeJim 21Scott Miller, ConsultantJim 22Team Leaf Coast NaturalsJim 23Julie Drapeau, Purity LifeJim 24Team Evive NutritionJim 25Krista Cunningham, Indigo Natural Products Management and Heather Edgar, Plant Plus FoodsJIm 26Michelle Zettle, Bragg Live Foods, Krista Cunningham, Indigo Natural Products Management and Emilio Villarreal, Bragg Live Foods

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