On the show floor, NCA Sweets and Snacks Expo, 2018

The National Confectioners Association (NCA) Sweets & Snacks Expo was held May 22-24 in Chicago, IL.

Brook Dickinson of Covered Bridge Potato ChipsDavid Israel (l) and Eric Healy of AvoLovGanong's Bryana Ganong (l) and Krysten McShaneJeff Pinsky and Linda Seiler of Jelina ChocolatierJose Godinez Del Toro and Gabriela Godinez Laverty of Mexican Corn Products Kevin Burk and Lindsay Wolber of Naturally Homegrown FoodsLeanne Sears of Made Good Foods Left to right at Van der Meulen: Hallum Caitlin Catarozor, Al Tyreman, Jan Willem Vogtlander, Steven BoumaMartin Cournoyer (l) and Richard Lamontagne of LamontagneMichael Badea of CrickstartMichael Magnone (l) and Mark Cigos of Temple LifestyleMichael Petcherski (l) and Alan Shang of ThreeWorks SnacksOMG's Larry Finnson (l) and Chris EmeryPeter Katona (l) and Logan Martin of Martin's Family Fruit FarmPhilip Hemmings of Ross ChocolatesRoch Fournier and Joanna Lynn Ortiz of Rochef Chocolatier


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