Chens Enterprises Corp 10th anniversary celebration

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Chens Enterprises Corp. celebrated its 10th anniversary in style, inviting friends, family, employees and industry partners to a gathering at La Culinaria Restaurant in Mississauga.

The Chen brothers: from left, Jason (Yuan), Jie and JinBill Conning of Clorox and wife JudyChens Enterprises 10th AnniversaryDwaine Chrustie, left and Teague Chrustie, Market AccessFrom left Jie Chen, daughters Katherine and Kaitlyn and wife Rong LinFrom left Tom Szostok, Campbells, Jie Chen, Tom Shurrie, CFIG and Douglas Ohori, Clover LeafJie Chen with Grace Fan, RB HealthJie Chen with Wayne McDonald, SmuckersLeo Liu, Ferrero, wih Jie ChenScott McCallum, left and John Curren, right, Crossmark

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