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Image GalleryRabba Fine Foods' charity golf classic

Rabba Fine Foods’ charity golf classic

The Rabba Fine Foods team

Rabba Fine Foods held its 25th annual “Rabba Roots Charity Golf Classic” on September 11 at the Brampton Golf Club. The event raises funds for numerous charities, including The Grocery Foundation, Good Shepherd Ministries, Food Banks Mississauga and Trillium Health Partners. Grocery Business’ Larry Bonikowsky and Jim Slomka attended the event.

John DiCecco, Gay Lea Foods; Rick Rabba and Frank Nweisser, Rabba Fine Foods and Jim Slomka
Renato Guereini, Sobeys Wholesale; Greg McGrath Italpasta; Lou Di Carlo, Rabba Fine Foods
Jim Slomka and Jack Rabba, Rabba Fine Foods (recognized at the golf tournament dinner for his recent induction into the Grocery Business Hall of Fame)
Norm Lennartz, John Tobin and Holly Nonis, Maple Leaf Foods; Chris Powell, Tree of Life (retired); Rick Rabba, Rabba Fine Foods; Stephen Carroll, Maple Leaf Foods
Larry Bonikowsky, Grocery Business; Tom Barlow, former President & CEO at CFIG (retired)
Stuart Feere and Ray Nutley, Arneg Canada
Kostas Kapralos, Lassonde and Peter Mattson, Burnbrae Farms
Giancarlo Trimarchi, Vince’s Market; Rick Rabba, Rabba Fine Foods; Nigel Oliver, Vince’s Market
Chris Powell, Tree of Life (retired) and Sam Magnacca, Acosta Group
Cathy Dimovski, Connie Goodhall, Peter Mattson and Iain McRuvie, Burnbrae Farms
Leslie MacKay, Conagra Brands and Frank Nweisser, Rabba Fine Foods
Bill Georgiev, Kellogg; Kyle Press, Advantage Solutions; Danica Logartachin, Kellogg; Ben Santangelo, Advantage Solutions; Jim Slomka and Larry Bonikowsky, Grocery Business
Jack Rabba, Rabba Fine Foods and Barry Lanteigne, Distribution Canada
Orkun Akman, Nestle Canda
Russell Dudley and Ross Howard, Furlani Foods
Jim Slomka and John Tobin, Maple Leaf Foods
Ben Santangelo, Advantage Solutions, Tiger Woods and Jim Slomka
Rob Short, Ed Lepp and Ernie Di Carlo, Concord National; Mohamed Safieddine, Promise Gluten Free
Jim Slomka and Craig Flemming, Propel Natural Brands
Rocco Agostino and Deni Di Tullio, Pizzeria Libretto
John Piercy, Foodbanks Mississauga, with Rima Rabba, Rabba Fine Foods

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