Welcome to the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco Adam Rubin with the newly launched Saladshots Art Pelliccioine, Jan. K. Overweel with Matt Farebrother and Martin Harris, Long Clawson Dairy and Patrick Pelliccione, Jan K Overweel Ashley Tott with new Siracha Sauces from Gourmet du Village Aslyn Kay and Allan Tyreman with the new Van der Meulen Chips Bill Benson with new Parchment Rounds from PaperChef Chris Swire and Ron Sadler with the new Mellow Welsh Cheddar Cheese from Colliers Colin Mountain and Sheena Quish with new Truffini Chocolate Truffles from Brockmann Crystal Kunnmann with newly launched Sun-Maid Baguette Crisps from the Sabine Dainiel Veltri with new Ginger Beer and Muddled Lime from Fentiman Diana Hecht with Pelmen Foods Perogies Dorothy MucCulloch and Johan De Greef with Belgiuim Chocolate Peppermint Bark from Saxon Chocolates Frank Weber, Tea Squared and Kent Stolte, National Importers with the full line of teas for Tea Squared Gem Misa with new Cauli Rice Products George Tabbah and Majid Jamaledinne with Zinda Couscous Grayson Bain with new Justea Tea Tins Heather Chu with the new Dufflets Chocolate Mom Package Jane McClish and Brian Muchnick with new Thin Ciabbatas from Premiere Moisson Jim Kavanagh, Brandseed Marketing and Darren Larvin - Coombe Castle and the new 100% Dairy Free Creamy Sheese Leanne Sears with the newly launched Made Good Vanilla Crispy Squares Lori Beasley and Kim Sheridan with new Green Lentil and Kale Pasta from Tolerant Lorissa Kitchens new Protein Snacks Melissa Thompson and Frank Kamberaj with new Summer Fresh French Onion and Ranch Dips Michelle Muscat with new Badass Sauces and Salsas from Wildly Delicious Myra Sable with the new Tipsy Jalapeno Onions from Sable and Rosenfeld Naomi Kashi with the Waffleshot - the edible coffee cup Pam and Gary Zink with the new cauliflower pizza crust from Cali'flour Foods Patrick Murphy with new Apple with Maple and Scotch Preserve from The Preservatory Paul Sinden with new Breton Organic 7 Grain Crackers from Dare Paula Grigg with Nellies All-Natural Cleaners Peter Reid with new Gingerbread Gourmet Cooking Baking Kit from Cobblestone Kitchens Rakesh Raniga with new Naan Chips from Indian Life Roy Fanning and Albert Addante with Caboo natural Bamboo Paper Products Viren Malik with new 100% compostable coffee pods from Ethical Bean

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