usy at Sweets and Snacks Expo Acosta Sales & Marketing's Fred Rosen and Shaun McKenna Awake Chocolate's Matt Schnarr with Bulk Barn's Brooke Dickie and Angela DiVincenzo Covered Bridge's Ryan Albright and Brook Dickinson with newly launched Pop It Kettlecorn Craig Bliss with Karma Candy's EggSquisites mini eggs David Howard and Jay Klein of The Pur Company Grace Kwan with Big Sky's terrific mints John Burgess, Ganong Bros., with new Sunkist branded treats Kirk Homenick and Kevin Burk with Hardbite's new Avocado and Lime Chips Lamontagne Chocolate's Jennifer Landry, Richard Lamontagne, Tina Lamontagne, Martin Cournoyer and Julie Begin-HuppeLinda Seiler with Jelina Chocolatier's Fair Trade Chocolate offerings Logan Martin, Martin's Family Farms Mark Cigos, Temple Lifestyle with the Sweets & Snacks 2017 Small Business Innovator Award Michael Petcherski and Alan Shang, Three Works Snacks OMG! Bites' Larry Finnson and Mary Kate Gorski Robert Schwarzli with BMC Universal Technologies' traffic stopping Automated Candy Dispensing Machine Saloua Peeters with Duo Penotti Portion Paks, distributed by National Importers helley Wallace, The Chocolate Princess from Hagensborg Chocolates ‏Virgil Rubini, Axenta Confections 

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