Here the award winning suppliers recongized by United Grocers Inc.


Best of all Suppliers' Award (New Award): Kruger Inc.


A. Metro Inc., Eric Cote; Kruger Inc.'s Mario Gosselin, Steve Lamontagne, Matt Blixt, Michel Manseau, and Steve Turner; Federated Coop's Ron Welke


Best Grocery Supplier Award: Old Dutch Foods  


Dave Gorgenyi, Old Dutch Foods; Darrell McKee, Federated Coop; Scott Kelemen, Old Dutch Foods; Brenda Kirk, Save On Foods; Sean Grattan, Old Dutch Foods


Most Innovative Supplier Award: Voortman Cookies Ltd.


Brian Grigat, Longo Bros.; Stephane Musicka, Voortman Cookies Ltd.; Tim Lalach, Federated Coop


Best Fresh Supplier Award: Fresh Express 


 Terry Piwek, Save On Foods; Randall Freeman and Mike Dow, Fresh Express; Dan Collier Federation Coop


 Best Services and Equipment Supplier Award: AEP Canada


Albert Lum, Buy Low; Jialy Yin and Steve Nixon, AEP Canada; Mitch Eng, London Drugs


 Best Private Label Supplier: Private Brands Consortium


Francois Leduc, Private Brand Consortium; Jenny Longo, Longo Bros.; Marie France Gibson, Metro Inc.; Gilles Messier Private Brand Consortium

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