A. Winter Fancy Food Show San Francisco

Alison Taylor Belton, Farm; Jonathan Cope, Delamere Dairy; Melissa Noone and Jim Kavanagh Coombe, Castle; and Ian Coggin Belton,  Farm

Arthur Pelliccione, Colombo Importing with David DiStefano and Miguel DaSilva Parmalat Canada

Bobos Henry, Hughes Katrina Morales and Beryl Stafford

Crystal Kunnmann, Sabines Collections


Danielle Rankin, left and Ashley Tott, Gourmet du Village



Daniel Veltri, Fentimans North America

Dufflet Rosenberg, Dufflet Group

Erika Wasserman, left and Olivia Endres, Explore Cuisine

Dorothee Dangel, Clipperton Imports

Guy Ozery, Ozery Bakery

Jane McClish, left with Julie Assal of Premiere Moison

Kathrin Brockmann and Corinne Schroeder of Brockmanns Chocolates

Laura Boivin showcases new products from Fumoir Grizzly

Leanne Sears and Tim Mucha, MadeGood with Peter and Chris Neal, Neal Brothers

Lori Beasley and Shawn Pinsky of Tolerant Foods

Marcus Daum, left with Dave Pullar of Left Field Foods

Mario Roto, left and Ted OLeary of Asti Holdings

Martine Thuillard, left and Isabelle Marcil of Nature Zen

Mary ONeill and John Wheeler of Sable Rosenfeld

Matthew DeMille, left with Michel Saillant of Boulart

Michael Petcherski, Threeworks Snacks

Michele Carey of award winning Naturally Homegrown Foods

Michelle Muscat of Wildly Delicious

Neal Brothers Peter left and Chris right flank Dan Bordun of Grocery Business

Noah Pinsky of Galerie au Chocolat

PaperChefs Kory, Ahmad Tim Dufore, Bill Benson and Laura Benson

Pur Companys John Davidowitz, John Kapralos and Jay Klein

Rakesh Raniga of Indianlife Food

Roy Fanning of Caboo Paper Products

Saxon Chocolates Micaella Difelice, left, with Dorothy McCulloch

The Simply West Coast seafood products division of Coldfish Seafood Co represented by left to right Zahir Akbanie, Kaitlin Oriecuia, Nina Tyuleneva and Sergey Samotaenkov

Todd Taylor left with Paul Sinden of Dare Foods

Vanessa Alpark of Fontaine Sante Foods


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