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Industry NewsNature's Path founder buys 5000 acres for organic farming

Nature’s Path founder buys 5000 acres for organic farming


Arran Stephens, owner of Legend Organic Farm and founder of Nature’s Path Foods Inc., has announced the purchase of more than 5000 acres of farmland to be devoted to agricultural farming.

The land near Duck Mountain, Saskatchewan, will be managed by Stuart McMillan, an organic farming professional and 25-year agriculture industry expert. McMillan studied entomology and agroecology and earned a master of science degree in agriculture from Uppsala University in Sweden. In addition to organic consulting and inspection, his professional experience includes crop and agronomy management, analysis and research. He has authored several articles in agricultural magazines, newsletters, and a field crop handbook.


Arran Stephens

The 5000 acres was purchased from a longtime organic farmer and won’t need to be transitioned in order to be Certified Organic (1536 of the 5000 acres is bush and wetlands in wildlife conservation). An additional 1600 acres of conventional farmland was also purchased and will require a 36-month transition program before it can be certified.

Nature’s Path sources much of its organic grains like oats, wheat, heritage grains, hemp, legumes and flax from the Canadian Prairie and the US Midwest, and this latest property acquisition will help ensure that adequate land is transitioned to meet increasing demand for organic products. Legend Organic Farms Inc. manages ownership of land and oversight of the farming operations.

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