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Industry NewsAmazon could be about to launch fresh meal delivery?

Amazon could be about to launch fresh meal delivery?


A recent job posting by Amazon could provide a clue that the company plans to launch a fresh meals delivery division.

The posting called for someone to “build and lead the team that delivers world-class meal solutions for time-starved customers” as part of “a new perishable food platform.” The posting, originally reported by TJI Research as reported by Food Dive, has been removed and Amazon has refused to comment.

The timing could be good for such a venture as Amazon has a cold-chain infrastructure in place with Whole Foods stores and distribution centres, Food Dive says. Amazon could promote the service through its web site and Prime Now delivery network, as well as inside Whole Foods stores. Delivery of prepared meals could help Amazon penetrate the grocery market, where its snack and beverage brands have been meeting a lukewarm reception.

A fresh meal delivery service would pit Amazon not just against other grocers, but also against restaurants, which are very well positioned to deliver this kind of service.

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