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Industry NewsAmazon could be planning grocery business beyond Whole Foods

Amazon could be planning grocery business beyond Whole Foods


Amazon may be considering opening a new grocery business that extends beyond its Whole Foods acquisition.

As reported by Business Insider, the plan reportedly dates back to early 2017, when a memo circulated internally just before Amazon acquired Whole Foods outlined its plans to transform the grocery space with a new kind of mixed format store. Customers would pick up produce, fresh food and prepared meals on one floor, while placing orders online for non-perishables like paper towels and canned foods, which would be stored on a separate floor. These goods would be brought down to the main floor where they would be ready for customers at checkout. The stores would also have separate areas for online order pickup.

Fueling speculation about Amazon’s next move has been the company’s posting of several job listings in the last few months. The listings explain that Amazon is in search of candidates to join a team that is “developing creative solutions” for a “retail concept” that houses “multiple customer experiences under one roof.”

Business Insider says Amazon is reportedly planning to open its first grocery store in Los Angeles as early as the end of this year, with two more possibly coming early next year.

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