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Industry NewsAmazon cuts Whole Foods prices again

Amazon cuts Whole Foods prices again


For the third time since buying Whole Foods, Amazon is cutting prices of hundreds of items at the grocery retailer. The price cuts, which will take effect in Canada as well as south of the border, will average to around 20 per cent on the items affected and will apply mainly to produce and other fresh items. They’re the broadest-ranging cuts to date, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Amazon is also expanding Prime benefits offered to Whole Foods shoppers by doubling its selection of weekly deals and discounts. Over the next few months, Prime members will enjoy discounts on some 300 popular items, including organic asparagus and strawberries, antibiotics-free chicken, slice ham, wild halibut and more. Some of these new discounts are up to 35 to 40 per cent.

The move is part of Amazon’s continuing battle with Walmart for grocery market share. As reported elsewhere in this edition, Walmart has recently teamed with Google to offer voice-activated grocery shopping, in direct competition with Amazon’s Alexa.

Amazon made significant Whole Foods price cuts just after buying the company in 2017. Last year it extended a 10 per cent cut for Prime members in the U.S.

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