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Industry NewsAmazon Fresh reputation slipping

Amazon Fresh reputation slipping


Amazon’s grocery delivery program Amazon Fresh has slipped in customer rankings, with customers giving it poor reviews for missing items, delayed or canceled deliveries, and damaged produce.

Many have said the service, available in 20 cities around the world, has become unreliable.

Twenty customers who spoke with Business Insider “complained of poor-quality and even spoiled produce, orders being packed incorrectly or illogically, canceled or late deliveries, and regularly missing items.”

Amazon’s own review page for Fresh shows a rating of 3.3 out of 5 for the delivery service, based on more than 800 reviews. A relatively lenient refund policy doesn’t seem to have helped very much.

One analyst said that while none of the issues were unfixable, the fact that they persist suggests that Amazon may be getting ready to abandon the service altogether.

“Why even bother having Fresh at all if this is the way you’re going to treat it?” she said. “It does not speak highly to its prospects.”

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