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Industry NewsAmazon Go yields shopper insights

Amazon Go yields shopper insights


Amazon has shared some recently gleaned shopper insights from cashier-free Amazon Go, which opened in January in Seattle.

The insights were shared at Shoptalk, a retail industry conference that took place this week in Las Vegas. Amazon executives didn’t say directly how well the concept is doing, but they were more forthcoming with what they were learning about shopper behaviour.

“What we didn’t necessarily expect was how many people would stop at the end on their first trip or two and ask, ‘Is it really OK if I just leave?’” said Amazon Go VP Gianna Puerini, in an online story by

Chicken sandwiches are the top seller, which suggests the target consumer – people who are hungry and/or in a hurry – is responding as hoped. Meal kits and fresh fruit are also popular.

The Amazon Go app, which enables shoppers to provide instant online feedback, also proved its worth. After hearing complaints from vegan shoppers that cheese was mixed into the salads, Amazon Go started offering the cheese on the side instead.  

Puerini said that even if shoppers worry about ‘just leaving,’ that hasn’t stopped them from coming back frequently. She also said there are no plans to implement the model at Whole Foods, which Amazon acquired last year.

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