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Industry NewsAmazon opening more checkout-free stores

Amazon opening more checkout-free stores

amazon_logo_rgb-5357281 is opening the first “Amazon Go” checkout-free stores beyond its Seattle pilot, announcing two new locations in San Francisco and Chicago.


The company says Amazon Go is the first cashier-less store in the world. Using the downloaded Amazon Go app, shoppers enter a code that identifies them and are then able to make their purchases as cameras and sensors track what they pick up. When they’re finished they just leave the store and their credit card is automatically billed.


Retail Dive says the announcement suggests some technical teething problems have been overcome – as well as initial buyer reluctance to “just walk out” with the goods. But it also cautions that one obstacle to further rollout is the expense of the technology required; those costs rise even more steeply when retrofitting existing locations to go cashierless.


San Francisco and Chicago, being tech-savvy and pedestrian-oriented, are better prospects for this kind of concept, and so it may be easier to justify the relatively high cost in those markets than it would be elsewhere, Retail Dive says. The locations in both cities are in high-traffic, urban-core areas.


Store opening dates haven’t been released.


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