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Industry NewsBC Sobeys workers reject special officer’s recommendations

BC Sobeys workers reject special officer’s recommendations


Safeway workers in BC voted to reject the recommendations tabled by special officer Vince Ready in a province-wide vote last week.

The 99 per cent no vote by members of UFCW 1518 represents a clear mandate that the recommendations are unacceptable, the union said.  

Union president Ivan Limpright said that the recommendations would cause serious hardship to Safeway workers and create a domino effect in the grocery industry, threatening jobs in the retail food sector across British Columbia. He added that he hoped the vote would encourage Sobeys to return to the negotiating table.

Vince Ready was appointed after negotiations between the union and Sobeys, which owns Canada Safeway, broke down last March. Under Section 106 of the BC Labour Relations Code, Ready has the power to mediate, arbitrate and make recommendations and orders.

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