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Industry NewsFormer grocery CEO on how digital can save brick and mortar

Former grocery CEO on how digital can save brick and mortar


Omnichannel Retail: How to build winning stores in a digital world is a new book explaining how online retail can actually be leveraged to help brick and mortar retail survive and thrive.

Written by Tim Mason, former deputy CEO of Tesco and now CEO of digital marketing technology company Eagle Eye, the book is targeted at consumer-facing businesses, offering practical ways they can digitally connect with customers to drive loyalty and sales.

Mason has a Canadian connection: Eagle Eye helped Loblaw launch its PC Optimum program, combining the Shopper’s Optimum and PC Plus programs into a single cross-banner initiative.

While many industry observers link the rise of online retail models with the demise of the brick and mortar mode, Mason believes the digital side represents an opportunity for brick-and-mortar retailers, not a threat, and that digitalization can foster more meaningful customer connections, boost loyalty and increase online and offline sales. 

Mason co-authored Omnichannel Retail with retail technology expert and bestselling Amazon co-author Miya Knights. More information here.


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