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Industry NewsCalgary Co-op to eliminate single-use plastic bags from food stores

Calgary Co-op to eliminate single-use plastic bags from food stores


Calgary Co-op plans to phase out all single-use plastic bags from food store locations by January 1, 2020.

The bags will be replaced with 100 per cent biodegradeable bags and incentives to shoppers to bring their own bag, according to a report in The Province.

Calgary Co-op has already successfully phased out conventional single-use plastic bags from its liquor stores and gas stations with a 10-cent biodegradeable bag program.

“We have seen a steady decrease in the number of plastic bags we sell following the introduction of our compostable shopping bag last spring,” says Ken Keelor, CEO of Calgary Co-op. “Our members are sending a clear message about their use of plastic and their desire to see it reduced at our stores.”

Calgary Co-op already has a program that offers an incentive to shoppers to bring their own reuseable bags; for every reuseable bag a customer brings to the store, Co-op donates three cents to its Community Foundation. The foundation supports local charities such as food banks and lunch programs for children.

Calgary Co-op has pledged to work with partners and suppliers to cut down on other plastics used in its operations, most notably in packaging.

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