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Industry NewsCanada signs deal with Mexico to increase access to organic food

Canada signs deal with Mexico to increase access to organic food

photo: nrd on Unsplash

Canada and Mexico have agreed to recognize organic foods produced in either country to increase consumer access and offerings of organic frozen, fresh and canned foods.

Called the “Canada-Mexico Organic Equivalency Arrangement,” the deal will allow products certified under the Canada Organic Regime or the Mexican organic system to be sold and labelled as organic in both countries.

The arrangement applies to agricultural and processed products of plant origin grown or produced within either country, livestock and livestock products produced in Canada and organic products whose final process or packaging occurs within either country. It would include products like fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables, and meat, poultry, dairy or egg products certified as organic in Canada.

Tia Loftgard, executive director of the Canada Organic Trade Association, says COTA is “pleased another international organic equivalency arrangement has been signed to facilitate the trade of organic goods from Canada to Mexico. Mexico is a strong trading partner of Canada and we look forward to strengthening our trade partnership.”

The Canadian government says organic equivalency arrangements are part of its ongoing commitment to eliminate trade barriers and increase consumer access to organic foods.

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