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Industry NewsCanadian Federation of Independent Grocers recognizes the best in merchandising

Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers recognizes the best in merchandising

1618576564-longos-6-2021-04-16-4812257First to Market, Large Surface Gold winner: Longo’s and supplier Nestlé 

The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers celebrated the best in merchandising during the first day of its GIC Live @ Home virtual trade show and conference.

The Master Merchandising Awards recognize member independent grocers and their suppliers for innovative in-store merchandising displays.

First to Market – New Product

Small Surface-Gold

South Hill Fine Foods, Moose Jaw, SK Perry Chambers and Store Team

Supplier – Cary Bailey – Saputo
Description: Saputo and South Hill Fine Foods shoppers had no trouble finding new Armstrong Shreds in this colourful Easter display.

Medium Surface Gold

Colemans Food Centre, Mt. Pearl, NL Coleman Family

Supplier – Jacqueline Stanford – Kruger Products
Description: “Let’s take this outside” was the theme of this Cashmere display. Shoppers who peeked into the outhouse saw a traditional Newfoundland Mummer reading a Coleman’s Flyer.

Large Surface Gold

Longo Bros. Fruit Markets, Woodbridge, ON Frank Sangirardi and Longo’s Weston Team

Supplier – Heather Frenette – Nestlé Canada
Description: Nestlé brought the innovations of Kit Kat Chunky Popcorn and Coffee Crisp Double Double single bars to Longo’s. The new products were a hit with Woodbridge customers.

Themed Event

1628549672-save-on-foods-980-orchard-plaza-2021-08-09-7-9056725Themed Event – Large Surface Gold, Save-On-Foods with supplier Coca-Cola

Small Surface Gold
South Hill Fine Foods, Moose Jaw, SK Perry Chambers and Store Team

Supplier – Carey Bailey – Saputo Dairy Products
Description South Hill Fine Foods and Saputo unwrap a Gold Award for this Christmas display that helped shoppers get ready for holiday entertaining.

Medium Surface Gold
Save-On-Foods, Revelstoke, BC
Brian Clark and SOF – Revelstoke Team

Supplier – Lorie Mills – Acosta Canada, Campbell’s
Description: Save-On-Foods and Campbell Company of Canada continues their partnership in support of local Food Banks. The program raises awareness of local hunger issues and inspires the community to help alleviate hunger. Now in its 14th year, the program is exclusive to Save-On-Foods.

Large Surface Gold
Save-On-Foods #980 – Orchard Plaza, Kelowna, BC Todd Ryder, Eric Falkenberg and Orchard Plaza Team

Supplier – Cory Morash – Coca-Cola
Description: Save-On-Foods and Coca-Cola Rep Cory Morash created this Christmas tribute to the childhood classic Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer movie. Rudolf and Clarice kept warm with Coca- Cola scarfs and put smiles on shoppers’ faces.

Perimeter Display

1621013805-iga-extra-marche-gagnon-et-fils-inc-2021-05-14-2-3776338Perimeter Display, Large Surface Gold: IGA Extra, Marché Gagnon et fils with supplier General Mills

Small Surface Gold Turtleford Co-op, Turtleford, SK, Turtleford Store Team

Supplier – Carol Rissling – Kraft Heinz
Description: KraftHeinz rep Carol Rissling had high praise for Turtleford Co-op’s Summer Barbeque display. With very limited space, this small store ordered as much product as stores three times their size. And sales were great!

Medium Surface Gold
Sharpe’s Food Market, Campbellford, ON John, Mike and Steve Sharpe and Store Team

Supplier – Annette Chiodo – Maple Leaf
Description: John Sharpe and Maple Leaf rep Annette Chiodo worked together to plan this two-week Canada Day display. The store ran a flyer ad featuring all the products in the bunker, and with some key cross-merchandising, the effort paid off in increased sales.

Large Surface Gold
IGA Extra, Marché Gagnon et fils inc., Pointe-Claire, PQ Yves Gagnon et Marc Thériault

Supplier – Catherine Gougeon – General Mills
Description: « Faites une soirée tacos ! » was the theme for this display of Old El Paso. This display included a free avocado promotion, had all the ingredients for the perfect Super Bowl Taco. Translation: « Faites une soirée tacos ! » était le thème de ce présentoir d’Old El Paso. Ce présentoir incluait une promotion sur les avocats gratuits et contenait tous les ingrédients du parfait taco Super Bowl.


1629217857-sun-valley-market-2021-08-17-3688942Multi-Manufacturer, Small Surface Gold – Sun Valley Market with suppliers Weston Foods and Maple Leaf Foods

Small Surface Gold
Sun Valley Market, Scarborough, ON Jim Bexis and Store Team

Supplier – Mark Stire – Weston Foods, Vincent Tedesco – Maple Leaf Foods
Description: Sun Valley Market, Weston and Maple Leaf brought the buns and the meats together for this tempting summer cookout display.

Medium Surface Gold
Co-op Food Store – Chappelle, Edmonton, AB Tyler Cranshaw and Store Team

Supplier – Brian Karst – Kraft Heinz, Coca-Cola, and Smucker Foods
Description: This cart-stopping display at the entrance to Co-op Food Store Chapelle featured everything shoppers needed for a summer cook-out. Including the barbeques!

Large Surface Gold
Save-On-Foods #980 – Orchard Plaza, Kelowna, BC Todd Ryder, Eric Falkenberg and Orchard Plaza Team

Supplier – Cory Morash – Coca-Cola, Kevin Olexson – Old Dutch and Nestlé Canada Description: For Halloween, Save-On-Foods Orchard Plaza attacked shoppers with a Zombie hand rising from the Monster graveyard. The display featured Monster energy drinks, and Old Dutch and Nestlé treats.

Single Manufacturer

1624551880-powells-supermarket-2021-06-24-1194933Single Manufacturer – Medium Surface Gold – Powell’s Supermarket with supplier A. Lassonde

Small Surface Gold
South Hill Fine Foods, Moose Jaw, SK Perry Chambers and Store Team

Supplier – Corey Bailey – Saputo
Description: South Hill Fine Foods and Saputo studied hard and aced this Back-to-School display featuring a variety of Saputo lunch box products.

Medium Surface Gold
Powell’s Supermarket, Bay Roberts, NL John Mercer and Powell’s Bay Roberts Team

Supplier – Wade Tetford – A. Lassonde
Description: Powell’s worked with A. Lassonde rep Wade Tetford to create this colourful summer display showcasing a large variety of Fruite offerings. The eye-catching inflatables were a big hit with customers.

Large Surface Gold
Freson Bros. Stony Plain, Stony Plain, AB Annette Lee and Team Members

Supplier – Lisa Lafonde – Tree of Life
Description: Freson Bros. Stony Plain and Tree of Life created this massive display they called Master of Mixes – with everything needed for summer patio parties.


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