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Industry NewsCanadian grocery shopping habits fragmented: study

Canadian grocery shopping habits fragmented: study


A new study from Dalhousie University shows that Canadian grocery shopping habits are becoming more fragmented.

The Grocery Experience National Survey Report found that the average Canadian shopper visits a grocery store about 1.29 times a week, and spends 32 minutes per visit, reports the Halifax Chronicle Herald. By contrast, American shoppers shop for groceries 1.6 times a week and spend an average of 43 minutes per visit. Canadian grocery shoppers are visiting more stores, visiting the same stores less frequently and are spending less time per visit.

The study also found that about half of Canadians don’t intend to buy food online but a little over one third are considering it, which is one likely reason grocery retailers are moving aggressively into e-commerce.

Other findings:

  • people are buying meal kits predominantly via subscription
  • 66 per cent of Canadians have used self-checkout
  • younger shoppers prefer stores where they know people
  • slightly more than a third report having bought a food product without really knowing what it is
  • many grocery shoppers find waiting for a cashier to be the worst part of the trip
  • store ownership in general isn’t a concern for Canadian grocery shoppers

The study was based on survey responses from 1,053 French- and English-speaking respondents.

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