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Industry NewsCanadian Mars bar to be carbon neutral by January 2023

Canadian Mars bar to be carbon neutral by January 2023


Mars Wrigley Canada has announced that Mars bars sold in Canada will be certified carbon neutral by January 1, 2023. This move will make the Mars bar, which has annual sales of over 19M bars in Canada, the first carbon-neutral chocolate bar to appear on Canadian shelves that is produced by a “top 5” confectionery company.

The new pledge, which also includes Mars bars sold in the U.K. and Ireland, represents climate action less than a month after Mars, Incorporated, Mars Wrigley’s parent company, announced its commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions across its full value chain by 2050.

Mars Wrigley has committed to doing more and aims to reduce the Mars bar carbon footprint in Canada by over 20 per cent by 2023. This will be a result of the company “supercharging its efforts to sustainably transform supply chain agricultural practices, including using satellite data to geomap cocoa farms and pursuing other anti-deforestation efforts. Any emissions that cannot be eliminated will be offset by high-quality carbon removal credits based on climate solutions like reforestation and land restoration,” according to its press release.

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