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Industry NewsCanadians curious about checkout-less shopping: Report

Canadians curious about checkout-less shopping: Report


Interest in checkout-less technology is significantly high despite fears of automation and job losses.

A recent study by GetApp’s reveals that the majority of Canadians would be interested in trying new retail technology, even if it changes their shopping experience. Of the 1,063 survey respondents, 85 per cent would be comfortable using an app while in store to do their grocery shopping, such as to scan product barcodes. Given that 79 per cent of respondents showed some level of interest in trying checkout-less grocery shopping, the report demonstrates that Canadians are open to the implementation of new shopping technologies. 35 per cent of those interested in checkout-less shopping would want to use them for all or almost all of their grocery shopping if they became available everywhere, which shows these stores could be in high demand.

Of the respondents who are interested in trying cashierless grocery shops, the demographics vary. The largest demographic consists of younger Canadians between the ages of 18 and 25, among whom 91 per cent showed interest. 68 per cent of respondents between 56 and 65 years of age also showed interest, demonstrating that interest drops amongst older Canadians, but remains high.

For 73 per cent of the respondents interested in checkout-less grocery shops, avoiding queues is the biggest advantage. 70 per cent also thought the speed of paying for groceries in cashierless stores would be the best perk. Contrarily, the main reason for shoppers to be uninterested in checkout-less shopping is not wanting to contribute to the elimination of jobs due to the automated nature of these technologies.

Tessa Anaya, analyst for this study, comments on consumers’ concerns regarding technologies used to power checkout-free stores:

“We were surprised to discover that not many respondents were very comfortable letting stores connect to their bank accounts. A third of survey-takers also worried about this technology eliminating jobs. At the same time, however, the ease and speed of checking out is what they like best about checkout-free shops; it seems like they are scared of the same features they most desire. With all things considered, the general openness to try these stores shows that consumers are ready to use the technology, but may need clearer information on data protection and automation goals if they are to trust it.”

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