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Industry NewsCanadians find in-store displays "boring"

Canadians find in-store displays “boring”


A Canadian study finds in-store retail displays don’t do well at getting shoppers excited.

Consumer researcher Field Agent showed 250 Canadian shoppers 15 different displays and asked for their reactions. Displays were scored based on whether they were likely to get attention, featured an appealing offer, were unique and would result in a purchase.

The displays scored so poorly that the researchers said TV or print creative with the same results “would never see the light of day.”

“Boring” topped the list of words shoppers used to describe the displays, at 73%.

Field Agent offered four ideas to help retailers get more traction:

1. Pre-test concepts;

2. Trial displays in retail environments with category shoppers;

3. Benchmark against competitive displays;

4. Improve displays by learning what works for each campaign.

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