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Industry NewsCanadians spent 11% of disposable income on food in 2017

Canadians spent 11% of disposable income on food in 2017


Last year, Canadians spent 11 per cent of their disposable income on food purchases.

According to a report in the Chatham Daily News, “Food Freedom Day” – the day when an average Canadian household has made enough money to pay for the year’s grocery purchases, fell on February 9 this year. That’s a day later than last year, reflecting a slight increase in costs due to shifting consumer habits, as well as the effects of weather on the price of some key items in the food basket.

While food prices in Canada are relatively low in global terms, and quality is good, not all the signs are positive. Canadians waste $27 billion worth of food a year – or $770 worth per person. Waste in the home accounts for the largest segment.

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