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Industry NewsClean water is focus of Brita Canada campaign

Clean water is focus of Brita Canada campaign


Brita Canada has launched a campaign to raise awareness about how difficult it is to secure clean water in Kenya. The “Walkumentary” campaign focuses on the long distances women in Kenya have to travel to find sources of clean water.

At the core of the campaign is a 4.5 hour YouTube documentary that offers Canadian viewers a chance to help. The documentary, part of Brita Canada’s partnership with WE, shows a Kenyan woman’s long journey to find potable water for her family and community.

The call to action in the video comes when viewers are prompted to “end her walk” by clicking on a link that takes them to Walmart’s ecommerce site, where they can buy a specially marked Brita bottle. For every bottle purchased, Brita Canada provides a year’s supply of clean water to a person in Kenya.

“For these women in Kenya, they don’t have the luxury of simply ‘skipping’ the walk to access clean water,” says Matt Kohler, vice president of marketing for Clorox Canada. “It’s a reality of their day-to-day life, and we want to raise awareness of this critical issue.”

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