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Industry NewsConsumer data on LGBTQ+ Canadian households: NielsenIQ

Consumer data on LGBTQ+ Canadian households: NielsenIQ


As we begin to close out Pride Month, NielsenIQ shares consumer data on Canadian LGBTQ+ households. They tend to be more urban, smaller in size (with a bigger proportion of singles) and only 11 per cent of them have kids—but they shop the same stores and buy the same categories, with some small differences.

  • 3% of Canadians identified themselves as LGBTQ+
  • LGBTQ+ households spent $3.3B on FMCG categories last year across all channels 
  • 37% of LGBTQ+ households believe online shopping saves time, vs. 28% of total households 
  • 57% of LGBTQ+ households are more likely to choose a store that offers high quality prepared foods and hot meal solutions
  • 63% of LGBTQ+ households are more likely to choose a store that carries ethnic/imported products  
  • 19% of LGBTQ+ households are trying to incorporate more plant-based proteins into their diets, and 18% followed a vegetarian diet last year
  • 24% of LGBTQ+ households say they only buy organic or plant-based beauty products 
  • 65% of LGBTQ households are trying to lose weight and 64% are looking for products with reduced sugar 

“While sexual orientation does not have a substantial influence on consumption, identifying as non-cisgender can impact the products people buy–especially for beauty and personal care–given possible unique needs. This is a largely untapped area for most manufacturers and retailers. Currently, 3% of the Canadian population identifies as LGBTQ+ and this number continues to increase every year. And while we do see many retailers and brands making an effort to amp up their advertising efforts, especially during Pride Month, they’re not necessarily innovating when it comes to products or assortment in this area. It’s up to retailers and brands to continue the conversation beyond the month of June and to investigate the specific need-states of this growing group of consumers.” — Myriam Vidalon, NielsenIQ SVP of diversity and inclusion

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