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Industry NewsConsumers in Canada seek more transparency on data privacy from brands

Consumers in Canada seek more transparency on data privacy from brands

GetApp surveyed nearly 1,000 web users in Canada to gain insights into how small-to-midsize enterprises (SMEs) can manage their digital reputation and how brands can establish their trustworthiness to potential customers online. The research reveals that 46 per cent of participants want to know precisely how businesses protect their personal information, and another 45 per cent said they want more information about data protection from brands than they now have.

People value complete disclosure in the event of a data breach or other security incident, according to the study results. The top 3 actions that respondents expected to see in these circumstances were:

  • a breach notification (66 per cent),
  • details on the additional security measures that would be deployed moving forward (59 per cent), and
  • guidance on how to secure a user account (56 per cent).

In the first series of the study, analysts found that 61 per cent of people have experienced online fraud, scams, or data, while one-third of victims of online scams reported receiving a fake item or no merchandise at all.

Web users recognize cybersecurity threats

According to the survey, Canadians’ concerns about cybersecurity are rising. While 45 per cent of people indicated they feel more worried about the safety of the internet, 48 per cent said their level of worry is about the same as it was a year ago. The former group came up with several factors for their growing level of concern, such as attacks that are becoming more challenging to detect and that different attack types are occurring more frequently.

AI creates further trust concerns

While opinions on how AI might affect a company’s ability to be trusted tended to be neutral, more people indicated they didn’t trust organizations that employ AI than those who said they do.

The research also showed that transparency about how AI is used is crucial for retaining trust, with 36 per cent of respondents saying it is imperative and another 32 per cent thinking it is somewhat essential. Only 6 per cent of respondents indicated that it is not at all important.

“New eCommerce functions like one-click payments and ad personalization may make purchases quicker to carry out, but these features often require companies to acquire and save personal and financial data from consumers,” explained Tessa Anaya, analyst for this study. “The need to provide such data online may be a reason cybersecurity concerns are growing amongst many web users; however, a similar amount of respondents said they expected transparency from companies around this topic, which could be the key for those looking to build a trustworthy digital reputation in this day and age.”

Survey methodology:

GetApp’s data for this study was gathered through an online survey conducted in March 2023 in which we surveyed 994 people residing in Canada from all regions in the country. The sample of participants is representative of the population of Canada regarding aspects of age and gender, and the criteria for selecting participants are as follows:

  • Between 18 and 75 years of age
  • Must have completed one of the following actions in the last 12 months: purchased products or services online or via a digital application, created or used an account in their name on a social network, or used online banking.

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