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Industry NewsCoppa’s expands fresh market concept into downtown Toronto

Coppa’s expands fresh market concept into downtown Toronto

1-_john_louis_louis_and_francesca_coppa-4279801John Louis, Louis and Francesca Coppa

Independent grocer Louie Coppa and his family have opened their third grocery store location in the Greater Toronto Area.

The new store, named Market 63 by Coppa’s, is within walking distance of such iconic Toronto sports venues as the Rogers Centre and the Scotiabank arena. It has significant competition as the new store sits between a long established Longo’s one block north and a recently refreshed Sobeys one block south.

With an in-store butcher, fish monger and expansive produce area, Market 63 is positioning itself as a “new world of food.” The store complex offers three Lavazza locations, in Coppacino’s coffee bar, in the fresh flower boutique and within Nonna Francesca’s restaurant which will cater to those looking for a full service dinner or a pre-game drink and snack.

On February 19th the Coppa family invited customers and vendors for a preview evening. View photos of the event here.

2-_vito_cisternino_sofina_john_louis_coppa_andrea_chiaramello_lavazza_and_vince_romano_sofina-1333558Vito Cisternino, Sofina, John Louis Coppa, Andrea Chiaramello, Lavazza, and Vince Romano, Sofina

3-_claudio_de_marchi_molisana_imports_john_louis_coppa_and_vince_romano_sofina-1078854Claudio De Marchi, Molisana Imports, John Louis Coppa and Vince Romano, Sofina

4-_rory_lesperance_nustef_baking_and_robert_cappola_sapore_sales_and_marketing-7869768Rory Lesperance, Nustef Baking and Robert Cappola, Sapore Sales and Marketing

5merchandising_coppas_house_brand_nonna_francescas_recipe_products-6367113Merchandising Coppa’s house brand, Nonna Francesca’s Recipe, products

zz1_coppas_market_63_truffle_tree_house-4530320Coppa’s Market 63 Truffle Tree House

zz2_coppas_market_63_we_meat_again_display-9189998Coppa’s Market 63, We Meat Again, display

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