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Industry NewsFairtrade Canada partners with local artists on one-of-a-kind prints

Fairtrade Canada partners with local artists on one-of-a-kind prints


In honour of World Day of Social Justice on February 20, Fairtrade Canada has launched a new campaign partnering with 10 artists from Quebec, Ontario and B.C. to celebrate the world-changing power of Fairtrade. 

The campaign features unique prints from each artist that were inspired by Fairtrade commodities including coffee and bananas and asked to portray the beauty of a fair global trade system. Fairtrade Canada developed the campaign with TUX, a creative agency in Quebec as a way to bring attention to the inequalities in the global trade system, with small-scale farmers and producers often getting far below a living wage. Fairtrade is a certification system that ensures better prices, decent working conditions, no child labour, sound environmental practices and strong business relationships to create a fairer supply chain. 

To win prints of the original pieces, along with a graphic tee and Fairtrade products, Fairtrade Canada’s social followers and fans can participate in an online giveaway running through Feb. 23. 


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